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Even Wu

Co-Founder / Creative Director 

Even Wu is an award-winning Film Director & Visual Artist based in Toronto and Los Angeles. Since 16-year-old, she has written and directed more than 25 films of diverse genres and themes. She has received countless festival accolades around the globe, including the Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner) and Venice Film Festival (Focus on China Category). Her films often focus on character-driven stories of people changing the world in a visually compelling way. She indulges in edgy visuals and strives to create significant and captivating films that reflect a passion for storytelling. Even Wu is not only a filmmaker. She is a storyteller in life. She tells stories via color and texture where she plays the role of Co-Founder & Interior Designer at Cherub Project Inc. – an interior design studio in Toronto. She also tells stories via cuisine where she plays the role of Founder & Marketing Executive at Even Life – one of the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles. She’s interested in telling stories not only through lens but every little thing in life. She believes that storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. 

Personal Website: 
Account on RED: evenwu0904


* Bachelor of Arts (Honors) 

* Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) 

Jun Zhu

Co-Founder / Chief Designer

With over 10 years of professional experience, Jun is an experienced and motivated interior designer who is interested in the connection between design and human culture. 

Jun has gained extensive interior design and construction management experience at several distinguished interior design firms across China & Canada. In 2014 & 2018, Jun had established his own interior design firm in Guangzhou, China as well as Toronto, Canada where he played the role of co-founder and senior designer. His work focuses on commercial & residential interior design with the aim to create dynamic and transformative space that work in synchronicity with human culture. Beyond design, Jun likes to spend time traveling around the world & playing sports. Jun’s creative visions are a continuous desire to discover stunning nuances in art & in life.

* Bachelor of Design

Anita Zheng

Co-Founder / General Manager

Anita has a background of international shipping and supply chain management, as well as operational research. She has been working in one of the largest container ship and supply vessel companies for five years since she graduated from her master’s degree of supply chain in Canada. She has profound experience in management and creative development. Even though her educational and professional background train her into becoming an exceptionally rational and logical person, she has never stopped seeking and expanding her realm of art. She always has a unique and outstanding taste in utilizing diverse art material as well as interior design. In 2018, she founded her own mural wall company Inno Merchant Corp. which is the supplier of wall decoration raw materials, such as special paints and diatom mud. She was also the head designer whereas she has designed and constructed numerous commercial spaces in Toronto.

* Bachelor of Management

* Master of Management













Yiyang Liu


Product UX Designer 

Yiyang is an award-winning Product UX Designer & Researcher equipped with 7+ years of professional experiences in Product and UX/UI Design, includes SaaS, startups, agency, and consumer spaces. As an innovative and data-driven design-thinker whose expertise is in designing cross-platform product experiences; she strives to build the next generation products that are beautiful, impactful and easy-to-use.


* Bachelor of Arts

* Master of Digital Media

Crystal Chen


Interior Decoration Designer

“I found C Design Studio to bring fashion and comfort into a beautiful home design.”
Crystal’s works are interior decorating projects with public commercial space, exhibition space, private high-end house, and condos. Her design approach is sophisticated yet fun; a combination of lush textures and bold patterns infused together to create timeless designs. 

Personal Website:

* Bachelor of Design

Renna Yao


Huan Li

Accounting Officer

Tommy Yang

Project Manager/Junior Designer


Hello, This is Tommy, a multi-skilled designer. Though my major is Environmental design, loaded with Architectural design, Landspace design, I am also good at all kinds of drawing, photography, wood and metal hand craft. Taking the world In my head and place them into the real world is my impetus. I love to imagine how preople would immerse themselves in the space I have created, and how I could solve different problems. I also like to try and learn new things, in order to evolve myself, I am a good learner. 
The experience of being an assitant in two design teams helped me  learn more about this industry, and how a team would run projects.
I am always passionate and be ready for soving problems through design. Please contact me if you want to know more about me.

* Bachelor of Design

Mia Shang

Junior Designer


Mia Shang is a junior designer based in Toronto, currently enrolled as an undergraduate for Environmental Design. Mia is also autodidactic in Graphic Design and Illustration. Mia has a unique insight in design and specializes in pre-design research, she attempts to understand each and every client’s characteristics as much as possible. Mia is familiar with the workflow of the interior design industry and has a thorough knowledge of professional fundamentals and is specialized in combining theory and practice.  She has a distinctive aesthetic ability, specializes in different styles of interior design, and has a good grasp of design projects. Mia's design philosophy is the art of expressing ideas on the basis of the human being. She is looking forward to becoming an independent designer in the future.

* Bachelor of Design

Menghan Guo

Junior Designer


Menghan Guo holds a degree in Architectural Science , in which her approach to architectural spaces focuses on the fusion of culture, art and technology. With respect and mastery of the embedded spatial and environmental context, she can combine various elements into a high quality living space that holds a soul and cultural memory that is special to the clients themselves. At the same time, Menghan is also actively involved in projects for environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. Combined with technology, she aims to create healthier, more comfortable and safer living spaces.

** Bachelor of Architectural Science

Venice Chen

Design Team Leader/Junior Designer


Venice Chen is an emerging interior designer based in Toronto. With accumulated experiences in architectural/interior design and construction project management, Venice can produce integrated design solutions to solve clients’ problems and enhance the overall quality of the designed space. His professionalism is demonstrated through his attention to detail and systematic design logic. He aims to evoke functionality, aesthetics, and emotional interaction in his design projects, and he believes that every designed space is “alive” with a unique personality. 

* Bachelor of Design

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